The activities of YourJob program were directly affected by corona-virus pandemics, which were immediately adapted online, via Skype, zoom, Facebook or other apps. During the period of isolation, coordination meetings were held, training for young people and staff, participation in the organization of other cooperating NGOs. The participation of young people in online meetings has been active. Some of the topics of online training were: Listening skills; Writing CV and cover letter; Preparing for a job interview; Social Entrepreneurship; etc.

After the isolation period, we started working in the office, which certainly could not be as before, due to the austerity measures for gatherings and organizations. The lack of public transport for several months was another problem with the attendance of beneficiaries from rural areas, with whom contacts have continued by telephone and online. The rest continued individual counseling by attending the Counseling Center. Meetings have also been held with businesses and institutions for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and the development of professional courses / practices, where many of the young people have already become part of them.

Some of the training’s were conducted in the field, on open air, as that of “Technical skills to succeed at work” in the Village of Peace, Shkodra, maintaining all security measures against the virus, including distance physical and the protective masks.