Caritas Albania is continuing second phase of project in Shkodra. In the period of 23 – 27 February flood situation was created again, and that obligated us to stop the activities of the second phase.

1 – 10 March was a period of drawing of water from their houses.  In this period work of Caritas Albania was focused more in giving food and clothes packages for most affected families.  The support for food animals also has continued because the beneficiaries are very concerned about this.

Caritas Albania has restarted working with communities in affected areas for cleaning of wells and cleaning of their houses.

The pumps for cleaning wells have been given from the parish priest again to the familiars for the disinfestations of their wells. So the cleaning packages for 400 families have been prepared and send to the area.

Parish priest of Dajc together with village leader has prepared the list of familiars for the use of condense dryer.

Caritas Albania has finished the procedures of tenders and procurement with PRAKTIKER Company that furnishes project with quantity of condenses dryer.


On 13 March the team of Caritas Albania has gone again to Dajc commune to give these machines and to inform the local staff about their function. The local team will prepare the schedule for each family that will use this machinery for a period of one week.

The Parish priest with village leader have made some criteria for the families that will take firstly condense dryers:
•    Families with children till 7 years.
•    Families where the level of water was more than 1 meter
•    Families that have elderly people. Etc

The activity that is ongoing this week is to contact and prepare the contracts with persons and company where we will buy the animal food. The distribution of this food will continue in the next weeks, because for the moment families have reserves from the distribution of first phase of the project.