One of the main activities of the program is advocacy on employability. For this reason, on May 12 the staff of Your Job participated in the first advocacy workshop. What was initially discussed was the perspective of each of the participants on advocacy. In key terms all participants were clear about the meaning of advocacy.

During the meeting were mentioned as very necessary the ways that will be used to convey the message. Dividing responsibilities into groups with different powers of influence is a big step to take.

Also in this meeting was discussed:

  • Problems on the ground
  • Legal Intervention

A very big focus during the Workshop was given to the power matrix, where each coordinator brought examples from their daily work with institutions. Taking all these factors into focus, at the end of the workshop a factor analysis was conducted on the topic: Improving career services considering how we can apply effective employment methods for young people.

This workshop helped all the staff to understand more about advocacy but also to help the expert to understand the goals of the project and to realize a long-term intervention plan. This was only the first step of concrete and continuous work to achieve the best possible result and to bring a change in employability to the group of young people.