Demoralizing conversations about the current situation in the country, problems with employment, education and minimum wage are the main common themes of the Albanian youth. The limited opportunities for attending gymnasiums or universities, the lack of orientation of courses and vocational training, have created large gaps in employment and socio-economic stabilization issues. Apart from the problems of finding a job or keeping a job, it is often the “friend” who makes the “mediator” only for the beneficiary to receive a salary, though without the proper training or the desire for that job. Of course, a significant proportion continue to work unlawful without proper working conditions, without health and social insurance, but simply receive a minimum wage to cover basic living needs. The rest are prone to emigration, where living and adjusting to a foreign country brings other major problems, in psychological, social and economic terms if you simply fail in that country and return home. Gender differences still exist in rural areas, where women are encouraged to marry and raise children, with no educational or work concerns, but it is only the male who bring economic incomes.

We are now aware of the problems we have, but how will we change the future of the Albanian youth and solve the employment problems. Even the young have many questions, like:

Can Albania offer us employment opportunities? Can Albania offer us dignity, appreciation and a good life? Are there other ways than immigration?

These are some of the most common questions on television, social networking sites, meeting young people and not only. Our answer is YES – We have a great chance to offer you!

“Your Job” is a project that is sparking hope for the youth in the city of Lezha and Laç, where it has begun implementation. We have already set up our offices and are identifying immediate needs, through youth meetings and individual career counseling. The enthusiasm displayed by the contacted youth has increased the motivation and commitment to provide this golden opportunity to young Albanians who need training and orientation to lead a normal life.

“Your Job” has found common goals with the National Youth Action Plan (2015-2020), such as: addressing young people to vocational courses and the need to define well-practiced policies in schools and businesses. However, this plan has virtually no implementation points in any region of Albania and remains only on paper.

Our project aims even more as the objectives of this plan and with concrete objectives:

Of course, a high priority will be given to young people with economic, social and cultural problems. The goal remains inclusiveness and equality, no matter what race, gender or religion.

Our motto “Let’s not leave anyone behind” clearly represents helping people who are disadvantaged in society. “Your Job” is open to collaborations with institutions, organizations and projects that share common approaches to reducing professional capacity gaps, employment and integration of Albanian youth.