We often hear about dreams that turn into reality, about passions that turn into successful businesses and about hard work that translates into safe paths for the future.

Ramazani, is a boy passionate about his profession and one of those individuals who demand more and more from themselves by not being content with a little, but working hard to be the best version of himself.

With the profession of car service but with a subtle sense also in the field of entrepreneurship, although in a small town like Laci, Ramazani managed thanks to the project Your Job, thanks to intensive training on raising entrepreneurial ideas to finalize the business plan for the development of his profession, and this is exactly the most important point if we want to turn our passion into profitable: initiative and vision. According to business experts in the well-known “Business Review”, a passion without vision can not last long with us nor make us benefit spiritually or economically.

Today Ramadan successfully runs his business by combining learning profession with his passion.