In April 2020 YourJob Albania held the 3rd BootCamp event, respectively on 19-22 April 2021 in Shengjin, Lezhe.

23 young people from Shkodra, Lezha and Kamza attended the event and contributed with various ideas, introduced with great professionalism by every one of them. The 4 days training was led by Yunus Social Balkans, which is also a partner in this program, offering expertise in the area of entrepreneurship in all steps of this process. The training days were full of activities, such as vast information on entrepreneurship, concrete challenging exercises for the participants. The extensively discussed topics included: Introduction to entrepreneurship & impact entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneur’s capacities, the path to the establishment of the business/startup, Exploration & Empathy: understand the client & the problem, Giving life to the idea: development of the solution and of the proposed value, Development: prototype & the minimally valid product (MVP).

The last day was dedicated to the presentations of ideas by every participant. These were very exciting moments as everyone tried to do his best in a 3 minutes presentation. It was a special pleasure to listen to their passionate presentations, which didn’t leave space for questions or comments by the trainer or the other young participants.

“Success has no secrets, but it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failures”, this expression best describes Gerti’s journey as a young entrepreneur. Gerti is one of the young people that benefited from the BootCamp 2 grant, who shared his experience on how he has set up the business, with all its challenges, obstacles, achievements, his whole journey to the finalization of the business. A real success business story, which is growing day by day, due to his passion and willingness.

What made this last day of the event even more interesting was the connection through an online platform with colleagues from Serbia, who were also running BootCamp 3. It was a nice coincidence, bringing together so many young people, even though virtually. Both parties exchanged congratulations on event that was taking place. Mr. Shkelzen Marku, the chair of this event stated that all of us, in our lives, need an incentive to get the best out of ourselves. The same thing happens to these young people who are full of ideas and need some prior companionship to better personally strengthen their business idea. Not all of them will receive grants, but this 4-days experience will be very useful in their lives and will serve as an incentive for them to personally take business initiatives as they have already have the basic training. Likewise, the local coordinators of YourJob Albania and YourJob Serbia wished success to the participating youth groups wishing that the best ones will win!