Suela Picari is a girl 24 years old. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Preschool Education and then completed her professional master’s degree in Education Management. Suela has a degree in Preschool Education but has not had employment experience in her profession. She lives in Zallmer, a suburb of Kamza.

Suela has approached YourJob to find a job that will not only give her work experience but also the opportunity to bring income to her family which is in a difficult economic situation. In Suela’s family, only the father works and the unemployment benefit has just been terminated.

Suela has a problem with her eyes and movement as she was born premature and had a very high temperature when she was little and this has affected her health.

Through the YourJob Project, Suela has been supported for 6 months with an internship as a child educator, at the “Little Genius” Kindergarten. Suela is not only very satisfied because she had the opportunity to develop an internship in her profession but at the end of the internship, she says that she has more self-confidence and has gained many skills.