Internships and vocational courses still remain the most preferred and wanted activities of the young people in the three program areas. From the start of the project implementation, in total there are 52 active internships and 46 vocational courses.

The staff’s continuous lobbying at all levels, has made YourJob widely known and to have a positive impact throughout the community. There is an increasing demand by young people to become part of the YourJob project, due to the already established success models.

The benefit of the YourJob program has been two-sided, on one hand it helps young people to gain a profession through internships and at the same time get paid, which is very motivating for young people, and on the other hand it helps the business, considering the economic crisis that business is going through because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is worth mentioning that after the internships most of the young people have been employed as part of the business staff, as they have shown to have good professional abilities. The same is the case of vocational courses, a considerable number of the young people have been immediately introduced in the labor market with the termination of the vocational course.   

Among the young beneficiaries of these 2 activities, the Boot Camp and beyond, have been people with disabilities and the ROMA/Egyptian community.

  This proves the comprehensiveness of the Your Job project leaving no one behind.