During the beginning of this year numerous activities of YourJob resumed, but we would like to mention the internships of 8 young people that brought a radical change in their lives.

The internships have brought about such a great change because the 8 youngsters have been employed even after the financial support of YourJob.

Each of the young people has various backgrounds, each of them has special characteristics that make them unique but they have also something in common, the difficulty of finding a job, of having an experience and of establishing connections. 

What we want to highlight in these Internships is their diversity. We are demonstrating this with the internships as follows:

  1. Maliq as Supervisor of the Freezing Department
  2. Blerina as Production Technologist
  3. Xhensila as School Psychologist
  4. Gjergji as Inventory Maker
  5. Xhulja as Client Advisor
  6. Vilma as Cashier
  7. Ledjana as Systemizer
  8. Lizja as Receptionist.

These young people, following their three and six months experience, have reported a greater self-confidence, also due to their economic independence but above all due to their professional progress towards a successful career.

Their professional fulfillment is our greatest success and this is why we congratulate and wish them success in their work.