Although we are still in the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, where many different institutions, businesses or organizations have drastically reduced the volume of work or have been forced to close it completely, due to economic problems caused, the staff of YourJob program has not stopped working to achieve youth interests, to realize professional practice and find a job. During their numerous meetings in the respective areas, Guidance Counselors have managed to make possible the successful finalization of 9 Internships for 3 project implementation areas: Shkodra, Lezha and Kamza.

Internships are being carried out in various fields such as notary office, bar-restaurant, furniture, office building, tabaccino, etc. The new youngsters who have become part of professional practices have been selected by the Guidance Counselors, as persons with economic difficulties and inability to find an employment opportunity by themselves as a lack of education or the necessary qualifications.

This form of cooperation is finalized with a tripartite cooperation agreement between the business, the intern and Diocesan Caritas, where the obligations of each part are set. From the contacts so far, a correct employer-employee professional relationship has been built. The staff is active in monitoring this process, encouraging and motivating young people towards future employment with internship qualification.