Marsida is a 25-year-old woman. She has two children, 2 small boys. Marsida is part of the Roma community. She finished 8-years of school and during counseling, she said that she got married very young and because of the mentality and economy she could not continue her education.

Her life has had many difficulties, as she and her family, having a weak economy, emigrated to Germany but then returned. Through an organization, she managed to do a course in bag processing but she didn’t manage to get a degree, but she won the profession.

After the meeting at YourJob office, she started the Internship as a tailor, with a girl who 2 years ago had benefited from an internship from YourJob and now has her own tailoring business.

Marsida is really happy about this opportunity. It is the first time she started a formal job. She said that through this internship, she will not only get a profession, but with the income she will earn, she will help her family.

Also, YourJob Project is proud that Marsida is developing her Internship at a business of a previous beneficiary of the project. This shows that whenever we come together, we can help as many people as possible.