Corona Virus disease has paralyzed almost all human activities and life, worldwide. This has certainly affected our work in providing services to youth, in career counseling, soft or life skills training, or various meetings we had with institutions for collaborations. Since our work influences mediation, socialization, and collaboration, it brings many people together to get knowing, talking, and discussing on common interests. Our offices are already closed and not knowing how long this situation will last, which started with the 2-week suspension, but it can last for few months, our work must be done from home.

On this situation it is very necessary to offer online counseling. But here the question may arise: Are online consultations appropriate and effective? There are studies that suggest that effectiveness and suitability may be comparable to face-to-face counseling (Hitly L., 2013).

Guidance Counselors are trying to be close to youth beneficiaries of the project “Your Job”. The first thing they did was to open groups on the WhatsApp. We have reached 42 young beneficiaries who have received Group Counseling/Individual Counseling for the following points.

  1. Advices on social distancing, quarantine and isolation;
  2. Advice on coping in the quarantine/ isolation;
  3. Advices on parenting, care giving and teaching.

The most important point of counseling is that we have made possible the awareness of the typical behaviors that quarantine brings and also some tips on how we can cope with this situation, in the best possible way. Recognizing typical behaviors and by knowing the ways of coping with social distancing, quarantine, and isolation, we are able to keep these typical behaviors under control by not creating an aggravation of them.

Finally, we would like to add the benefits of group counseling: the feeling of sharing something in common, the experience of “belonging”, possibility of different feedback, and the indirect learner from the worries of others.