For the YourJob Albania staff, in close cooperation with Yunus Social Business Balkans, already having the experience of organizing the first Boot Camp, it was easier to organize the next Boot Camp with young people from the 3 project areas. 

Unlike the first time, the young people were invited in the YourJob offices in order for the Guidance Councilors to get acquainted with the applicants and to evaluate their business ideas. Unlike the application phase for Boot Camp 1, in which 113 young people applied online and most of them had never visited the YourJob offices, this time it was applied this application form so that the selection would be fairer and simpler.

65 young people from Shkodra, Kamza and Lezha applied in the Boot Camp 2, with innovative and ambitious ideas. During the presentation of their ideas, one could notice their passion and the determination to defend their idea to the end, which proved that they were well prepared and clear on their idea. The 4 days of Boot Camp 2 were very intensive days, full of information on business and entrepreneurship, young people sharing experiences, working in groups and also energizing moments.

Even though the event took place in an unstable period due to Covid-19 pandemic, all measures were taken in compliance with the protocols of the Ministry, so that everything would be safe and under control. In the last day of Boot Camp 2 we had the honor to have the presence of the representative of the Austrian Agency in Albania, Ms. Katharina Eggenweber, who said she was very happy to be among so many young people and to listen to their business ideas.   

From among the 20 ideas presented in the Boot Camp 2, 8 passed the final phase and 8 young people were announced winners. Their business ideas were: forge, pyrography, art academy, leather handicraft, afterschool math course, tailoring, esthetic center and car service.