Terms of Reference


JOB TITLE                                Local Coordinators (LC)

Working places:                     Shkodër, Lezhë and Durrës

Programme / project:          CONEX Balkan: Covid-19 Nexus response for improving the socio-economic situation of marginalized people in 6 Western Balkan countries.

Reporting to:                           National Programme Coordinator (NPC) of Caritas Albania

Starting:                                    May 2021



The project’s overall objective is to alleviate the humanitarian and socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis in 6 West-Balkan countries. The crisis has disproportionately affected those groups that already faced social and economic exclusion and vulnerabilities before the crisis, namely older people, unemployed women and people with disabilities. The project aims to contribute to improving not only their immediate socio-economic situation but also their resilience to current and future crises. The consortium will operate in six Western Balkan countries under the lead of Caritas Austria: Caritas in Albania and Kosovo, Mother Teresa Society in Kosovo, Red Cross in Montenegro and North Macedonia, CARE and three local partners in Southern Serbia and BiH and Diakonie with local partner Philanthropy in Central and Western Serbia.

The project will provide cash, in kind and community assistance to marginalized people, improve access to health, psychosocial and social services as well as offer training and employment opportunities. It will also raise the awareness of relevant stakeholders on issues of discrimination and impact of the crisis on marginalized groups as well as advocate for measures to reduce these. As a result, the target groups will have improved their psychosocial wellbeing, be better equipped to cope with their economic situation and know where to look for social support both in their neighborhood and with public services. The following activities are planned.

Role / Job Summary:

Local Coordinators (LCs) play a crucial role in the implantation process of the programme as it is foreseen in the application. LCs are in very close contact with the nurse and the target group and are their focal point for counselling, info sessions, family visits and other support provided. LCs actively inform and refer the beneficiaries who have a potential for internships. They will organise info sessions with girls and women in the respective areas. Additionally, they have an understanding of social entrepreneurship and are able to support the development of innovative ideas (small family businesses). LCs are Caritas Albania employees.


  1. Qualitative implementation of programme all activities
  2. Close cooperation with diocesan Caritas organizations and national programme coordinator.
  3. Building links between beneficiaries and companies
  4. Coordination with municipality representatives and schools
  5. Ensures data collection for reporting and documentation.

Main duties / tasks:

Ad: 1. Programme implementation

  • Carry out family visits on the target group chosen to better know their socio and economic situation and to inform them about programme activities.
  • Organizes and provides soft skills trainings for young girls and women.
  • Close individual accompaniment beneficiaries.
  • Establishes contact with public and non-public institutions.
  • Refers beneficiaries to companies and training providers (e.g. support getting internship)
  • Discovering entrepreneurial skills of beneficiaries and referral to social business hub
  • Exchange and collaboration with municipal representatives, local economic chambers, employment offices etc.
  • Provides awareness sessions for potential employers.
  • Assists national programme coordinator in reporting and documentation and in impact evaluation.
  • Ensures that all programme activities are carried out in compliance with national law.
  • Ensure quality standards are met (related to e.g. gender, inclusion).
  • Participation in Kick-off meeting and mid-term regional meeting, and in meetings with the national programme coordinator (NPC) and the LCs from other places.
  • Active participation in trainings offered through the programme.

Ad: 2. Coordination and Reporting

  • Constant exchange with the local diocesan / parish Caritas and the national programme coordinators and regular standardized reporting on developments in the implementation.
  • Collecting data on target group and support measures for progress reporting and quality assurance.
  • Regular reporting to National Program Coordinator (NPC) on deviations relevant changes and/or problems in programme implementation or the environment, e.g. policy change. The NPC is obliged to inform the programme coordinator at Caritas Austria immediately if any of this occurs.
  • Regular meetings with the nurse and NPC to work on improved methodologies, accountability, report on outcomes and challenges etc.
  • Prepares information on target group from the field to make sure it can be fed into quality assurance systems, such as M&E.
  • Attends at national and regional workshops to exchange with other LC and programme coordinators and gives input for quality improvement and programme revisions.

What we expect from applicants:

Qualifications and experience

  • Min 3 years of experience in the work in the social sector.
  • Experience in counselling of socially vulnerable people.
  • Preference for social workers/psychologists or with similar completed education.
  • Fluent in English (speaking, writing, understanding) as no translation and interpretation can be provided in the programme.
  • Driving license (category B).


  • Independent working, strong personalities with a strong inclination to working with people.
  • Understanding of labour market inclusion and ability to build up a local network of stakeholders.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Willingness to learn and improve.
  • Communication skills and ability to build bridges between youth and potential companies.
  • Verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Programme Management experience and ability to understand requirements of financial reporting.
  • Good knowledge of standard IT software (MS Word, Excel, E-Mail, Internet) and openness to learn how to work with a database.
  • Willingness to travel and participate in workshops.
  • Demonstrates energy, creativity and ability to stimulate and integrate beneficiaries into the programme.

What we offer:

  • Salary including all allowances (80% engaged) depending on educational background and experience.
  • Working in an NGO environment and diversified tasks.
  • Trainings/extra qualifications on counselling, entrepreneurial skills, working with vulnerable youth and standards (social inclusion, gender sensitivity).
  • Regional exchange between LCs from: Caritas in Albania and Kosovo, Mother Teresa Society in Kosovo, Red Cross in Montenegro and North Macedonia, CARE and three local partners in Southern Serbia and BiH and Diakonie with local partner Philanthropy in Central and Western Serbia.


Applicants must send the CV and Motivation Letter electronically in these email addresses: and

The deadline for submissions of applications, is: 14.05.2021, 16:00.

Note: Only the selected candidates will be contacted!