Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) is an agreement with the purpose for collaboration and interaction in providing common services in the interest of preparing and advising the youth on the labor market of the area where it is being implemented the project.

During January 2020 the Guidance Counselor of Lezha held a series of preliminary meetings with the heads of public institutions to inform them for the MoU in the framework of “Your Job” project. According to those meeting they agreed on the common points of cooperation that the institutions can offer. During those meeting the Guidance Counselor was supported and accompanied by the Diocesan Director of Lezha. Institutions representatives have expressed their readiness, to be a collaborator and to provide their services during “Your Job” project, as they firmly believe in its impact of young people.

In Lezha, it has been finalized the signing of MoU with 3 public institution: Municipality, Educational Directorate and Social Service. These institutions have been selected as key points that have the authority to make a concrete contribution to the inclusion and promotion of youth in the labor market and beyond.


Also, in Lezha, it has been finalized the MoU of professional courses where it has started the implementation process. Thanks to the opportunity offered by “Your Job” project, the youth will take a certificate on a professional course and their perspective of the future will be illuminated, because facing the challenge of unemployment, they wanted to emigrate from Albania.

As for the other two areas of project in Albania, on the area of Shkodra and Kamza, the MoU have been completed and presented to the relevant institutions. We’re waiting for their signature from the heads of public institutions.