Oldian is a boy 17 years old. He lives with his family in Paskuqan, a suburb of Kamza. Oldian only finished elementary school and did not continue school because of his disability as he has Down syndrome.

Oldiani does not attend any activities other than developmental classes near the church in Bathore. During the meeting with Oldian and his assistant teachers, it was found that Oldian takes good commands and is calm when he is part of a group. His teacher said: “If you give him a task Oldian tries to develop it as best he can”.

Seeing Oldian’s lack of a profession and desire in cooking, YourJob has supported Oldian with a Professional Cooking course. This course not only helped him to get a profession but also helped him to engage and socialize in a group with typical individuals and peers, not leaving him in oblivion or without activities and engagements as often happens with people with different abilities.