The ultimate goal of YourJob program is to integrate young people into the job market. To give an opportunity to disadvantaged young people, who do not have a real employment opportunity, through vocational courses, internships and grants.

So far 59 young people have attended internships and 49 youth have been employed on a regular contract upon completion of the internship, VET courses or Guidance Counselor intermediation of whom 30 are young ladies and 19 are young boys. This proves that the GCs have done a really good preparatory work through info-sessions and advising with the youngsters who came to enroll in an internship.

But on the other hand, the youngsters have also demonstrated great potential in the workplace by proving very good skills in their job position. The GCs’ ongoing monitoring has had a positive impact on the progress of internships in the 3 areas of project implementation, giving it the necessary seriousness and correctness.

It is worth pointing out that during the monitoring visits to businesses, the owners themselves have expressed great satisfaction with the young people who attended the internship and thanked YourJob for this opportunity. In particular during the pandemic that mostly affected the business, the support of YourJob has been quite significant and motivating.