YourJob program is a comprehensive program and great support for people with disabilities, Albi Mollaj and Brikeno Koci are the latest cases that prove this fact.

Albi Mollaj is a man 24 years old, who lives with his two parents in Bathore, Kamez. He has intellectual disabilities, so he has never gone to school in his life and has not taken a professional course because of his problems. Both of Albi’s parents are without job. His mother has given up the profession to take care of him, while his father is disabled. The only economic opportunity the family has is Albi’s disability pension provided by the state. One of the biggest problems for hiring Albi was the fact that his family wanted him to have a job close to home, as it was the first time he would start a new job. This was a big challenge as many businesses were refusing to hire him. After many efforts and vicissitudes, with the support of Program YourJob it was possible to start an internship for Albi in the systematic position near  Belba complex, where today he is employed near this complex.

Brikeno Koci is 21 years old and lives in the Salo Halili neighborhood, Shkodra. He lives in the apartment only with his mother who is disabled, while his father died 2 years ago, Brikeno is a Disabled person with a diagnosis (mild mental retardation, behavioral spectrum disorders). He can neither read nor write, and despite the economic difficulties his family has, this is why he has not yet been able to finish high school, or continue his education.

Brikeno, despite not being able to read or write has brief work experience in the position charger-discharger of goods.

Brikeno has been treated with financial aid, but a year ago he was cut off. This has made their family economic situation difficult, as they lived only from his mother’s financial aid. Despite all the difficulties, Brikeno has shown an extraordinary desire to work.

With the support of the YourJob program, after negotiations with Madish Shpk, he was employed at this business for 6 months, supported by an internship. Thanks to YourJob staff dedication and Brikeno’s great desire to work, Madish Shpk opened its doors by hiring him, thus giving him an opportunity to feel like all other young people.