In the framework of the YourJob program, the first 3-days training cycle with the youth of Kamza, Lezha and Shkodra on the “Employment relationship – Youth employment, rights, obligations and legislation in force” has been successfully finalized. Within December this year will terminate also the second round of the training in the project areas.

About 10-12 young people participated in each training day, who have been selected by the Guidance Counselors, in the light of their commitment in YourJob. These young people benefitted various services in the YourJob project, such as: professional courses, internships, BootCamp. Inclusiveness was an added value of the training, as among the participants there were people with disabilities as well.

They are a target group really interested in the legislation subject, especially those young people who attend the Internship, as the training was mostly focused on the individual work contract and all its articles. The aim is for the young people to be informed on their rights and obligations in the workplace.

The young people have been very satisfied, and they have met the objectives/expectations of this phase of the training, receiving the right information on the subject.