The staff of YourJob Albania and YourJob Kosova together developed on June 11, 2020 the training on an important component of the project, that of social enterprises. The purpose of the training was to train and empower staff to come to the aid of as many young people as possible, especially those who want to turn to business and entrepreneurship or self-employment initiatives. The process of entrepreneurial initiatives goes through several stages such as discovery, evaluation, explanation of opportunities and business plan.

The training was led by Mr. Shkëlzen Marku, Head of Yunus Social Business Balkans, partner in YourJob program, who is an expert on businesses and social enterprises, but who will also be involved with Boot-camp for young people who will become part of the business incubation program, where over 20 young people will start their own business and/or self-employment initiatives, part of which 50% will be women.

Th e staff was part of this training, to increase information, inspiration and awareness for young people who want to develop their social entrepreneurship and/or self-employment initiatives.  

As part of their visit to Albania, the YourJob Kosova staff, frequented one of the centers of the YourJob Program in Albania, the one located in Kamza, part of the Caritas Diocese Tirana-Durrës. They became more familiar with the services, challenges and successes of the program, in this project area. They also exchanged experiences between them, in order to continuously improve their work.