Internships throughout the duration of the project proved to be a very successful activity, as there have been growing demands. In this period 13 internships have been successfully finalized in 3 project implementation areas: 5 in Lezha, 2 in Shkodër and 6 in Kamëz. We are in the process of intermediation for other 15 young people to start the internship in the 3 project areas, but it was postponed due to the summer vacations period.

Since the very first meetings in the YourJob offices, the young people have shown interest to become part of the internships, as a good opportunity to enter the labor market.

The career counselors have done an excellent job in mediating the young people with the local businesses and having their support and cooperation.

The businesses that have accepted the young people operate in various fields: coffee bars, medical labs, super markets, hair dressing-aesthetics, car service, etc..